Lesson 3 – Architecture of SAP R/3 system

Lesson 3 – Architecture of SAP R/3 system

Current SAP version is ECC 6.0. ECC stands for Enterprise Central Component.

Presentation server –

Its acts like an interface between user and application server and it is being built by SAP GUI components.
From inside presentation server, will carry the request from the user to the application server and again getting the response from the application server and respond back to the user. ( See arrows in diagram for more clarification)

Application server –

It is an intelligent component and it does process users request and an actual ABAP program runs here in this server.
In an application layer, it is mandatory to have one application server and one message server.

Message Server –

Message server is used to communicate between multiple application servers. The reason behind having multiple message servers in SAP R/3 architecture is LOAD BALANCING. If there are multiple message servers, load of SAP R/3 system is shared among those message servers.

Database Layer –

It consists of two components –

DBMS – In DBMS, data definitions will be stored using DDL (data definition language)
Actual Database – Organized collection of raw data.

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